Why Choose Us?

I am dedicated to improving lives using a personalized approach, that provides compassionate and effective treatment using traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture; both safe, natural, drug-free and proven compliments to traditional Western Medicine.


Board Certified Acupuncturist




  • We care about you as an individual.
  • We listen to your goals and strive to help you achieve them.
  • You will receive individualized home care instructions, to speed up your healing process.
  • We utilize modern techniques.
  • We conduct a comprehensive diagnosis.
  • We offer diverse treatments, practices, techniques, and services.
  • Our practice is evidence-based.
  • Licensed by the State of Florida.
  • National Board Certification by NACCOM.
  • Well integrated with Conventional Medicine.
  • Conveniently located.
  • Best Acupuncture in South Florida.

My Story

In 1982 after I developed severe sciatic pain, I was introduced to acupuncture.  This pain was very limiting and prevented me from conducting my daily activities as well as making it difficult to sit, stand and get in and out of a car. I developed this condition for unknown reasons and initially sought treatment using conventional medicine. I received several nerve blocks, cortisone injections, took anti-inflammatories, and had regular massages. I found myself constantly going to doctors to find a solution to alleviate the pain , but nothing helped long term. Finally after 6-8 months of conventional treatment I inquired about acupuncture for pain management and went for my initial treatment.  After the first acupuncture treatment I noticed changes taking place that were lasting.  I began going twice a week for a few weeks and was please to find my symptoms were subsiding without any flare-ups.  I continued the treatment until all my pain was totally gone. Then shortly thereafter, I developed arthritis in my toes making it difficult to walk. I immediately went for an acupuncture treatment and  within a couple of treatments the pain was completely going.  It has now been 33 years, pain free and neither of these conditions have reoccurred since.

In 1992, I became chemically sensitive and was unable to leave my house without implementing extraordinary measures for a 6 month period. Conventional medicine gave me a diagnosis of “Environmental Chemical Sensitivity”, and was able to make minute changes in my condition using allergy injections and homeopathic remedies.  However, I was unable to leave my home with ease untilI saw an acupuncturist who treated me with acupuncture, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies.  From that point on, I knew that in order for me to have any quality of life that I would have to use acupuncture and natural medicine the rest of my life. Instead of relying on others for help I decided to rely on myself and become educated in natural medicine.  At the point in which I was able to leave my home with ease, tolerate the environment outside the home and I began to feel healthier and whole again, I enrolled in a 4 year program to seek a degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. I vowed that my mission in life would be to help others in obtaining a quality of lifeand regain their health.

Since I have experienced firsthand the difficulties and pitfalls in obtaininganswers for severe health conditions that are not easily treated or even diagnosed, I have made it my priority  to provide patients with the best and most comprehensive care possible.

I would love to help you and your loved ones.  Call us to schedule your free consultation.