Meet Linda Marino


Linda Marino takes pride in being a clinician of Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine). She makes every effort to help patients discover the body’s ability to heal itself once properly supported and transitioned into a balanced state of health.

Linda Marino is a:

An avid researcher, Linda continues to stay on cusp of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture through ongoing professional studies and clinical training.

She has successfully treated thousands of patients over the past 16 years by using techniques, such as:

  • Acupuncture

  • Chinese Medicine

  • Chinese Bodywork

  • Manual Therapies

  • Herbology

  • Dietary & Lifestyle Changes

  • Relaxation Techniques

Her treatment plan strives to identify the underlying cause of illness and treat the cause by integrating multiple therapies of Oriental Medicine.

Ms. Marino is enthusiastic about helping patients as well as members of the community achieve optimal health and improve their quality of life. She is an advocate for wellness with a wide range of wellness treatments and modalities. She can help prevent and treat numerous conditions and chronic illnesses, by combining therapies with existing medical regimen to change unhealthy behaviors and support healthy choices.

Unique Qualifications

Ms. Marino spent 17 years as an Environmental Analyst for Dade County Department of Environmental Resources Management where she became well versed with the health impacts associated with environmental pollutants and indoor quality issues. Having dealt with desperate individuals having chronic health problems associated with chemical exposures, sick buildings, etc.; Ms. Marino recognized the need to integrate her knowledge obtained from the environmental field with that of Western and Eastern medicine to provide people with an option for dealing with their health conditions. As a result, Linda decided to pursue a career in complementary medicine which is becoming more and more mainstream every day. She is excited about practicing acupuncture and oriental medicine at a time when its efficacy is recognized by the World Health Organization and studies are being conducted at medical establishments like the Harvard Medical School.

As a Research Technician with the USDA for 7 years, Linda researched the nutritional value, shelf life, productivity and disease resistance of various subtropical fruits. Evaluated the nutritional value of fruit grown here in Florida. She also co-published numerous technical reports of her findings.